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dr. michael donaldson tells his story about his baby girl

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Dr. Michael Donaldson learned about Kangen water when his daughter was  born with severe physical condition called Gastroscisis (short gut  syndrome) and her organs developed on the outside of her body.  This did not just affect baby Skylar, it affected the whole family for a year until he finally relented a tried Kangen water.   Listen  to his story. 

"kangen water scam - they said"

Inventor and maker of medical devices, Ronald Hicks , ordered his team of elite engineers to find the truth about the Kangen water ionizer and its many certifications so they took it apart while his wife slept.  They were very much surprised about what they found.

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a story about a son who saved his mother's life

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Anthony Striano  bought  a Kangen Water Ionizer and it revolutionized his mother’s health.

from a doctor to the stars

Dr. Dave Lesman owns a company called Motion Picture Chiropractic; he found his parent’s health was declining drastically and after purchasing a Kangen Water Ionzer for them was  amazed at their improvement in their health.  Dave’s own doctor was equally amazed at the improvement in Dave’s health as well.

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